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What Is mPuzzle?

Designed for children ages 5 and up, mPuzzle is a collection of easy-to-use, snap-together magnetic components that teach basic electronic circuitry concepts. With mPuzzle, children come to understand how things work by seeing cause-and-effect relationships and outcomes. mPuzzle offers everything kids need to construct common objects found in our everyday world, such as a street lamp that illuminates at dusk, or a TV remote control with a red LED light that shines when it’s turned on. mPuzzle’s use of ordinary objects gives children instant familiarity with their forms and functions, while challenging them to learn how they actually work by building them from the ground up.

mPuzzle’s Fun and Cool Projects Include:

  • 150 page instructional, educational and enjoyable storybook, the story takes through the 12 projects and how to build them.
  • Large size lesson plan cards for each of the 12 projects.
  • Individual electronic components that connect magnetically teaching basic circuitry.
  • Dimpled project board for easy component placement.
  • Project card board cut outs that overlay the components to display the finish project.
  • Handy plastic tub with snap-on lid for easy carrying and storage of all parts

The book contains 12 stories that teach your child something new about the how electronics work together in a practical and illustrative sense. The stories are easy to understand so your child can begin learning even at a very young age.

Projects include:

mPuzzle includes a fun engaging story book that walks you through the projects while reading an entertaining story with helpful visualizations and cute characters in the mPuzzle book. Drive the fundamentals home with stories that your kids can relate to and most importantly understand.

The characters (personified as sensors and mpuzzle pieces) face issues where they must come together to solve the problem at hand. Whether is lighting up a cave or finding a lost brother. This will help your child understand how the different pieces interact, as well as teach some basic problem solving and develop common logic.

How Does mPuzzle Work?

1.Snap together the magnetic components
Microduino building kits encourage safe exploration of electrical current, connectivity and more.
2. Connect the battery
mPuzzle snap-together construction lets kids build and expand projects that deliver behavior by design. And it’s as simple as assembling color coded blocks according to function.
3.Add the cardboard
It’s a great way to familiarize young children with the technology that will be an ever-important part of their lives.
About Microduino

Founded in 2012, and based in Westlake Village, Calif., Microduino is an award-winning global designer, developer, manufacturer and seller of stackable electronic building blocks, related components, and in-class science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) learning systems which encourage and enhance inventors’ creativity, imagination, and ingenuity through project-based learning.

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