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Microduino has teamed with teachers, administrators, and academic experts and visionaries to develop a series of four powerful learning systems that progressively teach children, as young as five years old, basic electronic circuitry, coding, and product design. Microduino Mix Kits also encourage the creation and exploration of limitless applications beyond included pre-coded design projects. Collectively, the four new products represent an innovative STEM instruction approach that builds upon the company’s existing mPuzzle and mPie product lines to deliver a comprehensive STEM education roadmap for elementary and high school students.

Numbered 1-4, each Microduino Mix Kit includes a combination of hardware components, coding resources, and extensive instructional materials to guide students step by step through challenging in-class product development and coding projects. Each subsequent Mix Kit focuses on more advanced and sophisticated concepts so students can further their abilities to think logically and sequentially, and solve life and technology-focused problems. For more information about Microduino Mix Kits, and to order the product for your classroom, school, or school district, please contact Microduino's sales department at


Coding is fun, and Mix Kit 1 introduces students to the worlds of electronics and coding in an enjoyable, easy-to-understand way. At this entry level, Mix Kit 1 provides students with step-by-step project instructions to familiarize them with electronics through the simplicity of Microduino magnetic, snap-together building blocks. Additionally, the introductory coding environment demonstrates the value of thinking logically and sequentially, and how problems can be solved by following an orderly methodology. In Mix Kit 1, students become familiar with:

  • Electronic components
  • Coding logic and variables
  • Reading and editing basic code.
  • How to code basic behaviors


Mix Kit 2 takes the knowledge acquired in Mix Kit 1, and kicks it into high gear by letting students branch out with more sophisticated components and a deeper understanding of coding and its logic. In Mix Kit 2, students learn:

  • How to extend coding to two- and three-step functions
  • How to think in terms of organization, priorities, logic and creativity.

Mix Kit 3 extends the underlying logic of coding to more advanced controls and behaviors, and moves students from turning on a single light to programming and sequencing multiple actions that work together to achieve common goals. In Mix Kit 3, students learn:

  • A wider range of behaviors
  • A Sequential logic that creates interconnected dynamic behaviors (think Smart Home)
  • A prelude to artificial intelligence (AI), human logic, and how programming effectively corresponds to this ecosystem.

Mix Kit 4 is a STEM student’s paradise of logic and engineering learning. By the time they reach this level, students have learned enough to write their own code, and create original projects from conception to completion. Mix Kit 4 includes a true engineer’s tools and project-based creations similar to previous kits. Mix Kit 4 has everything students need to:

  • Write original code
  • Conceive and engineer personalized projects
  • Design, invent and strategize
  • Create projects using Microduino technology for science fairs, robotics clubs and many more!
About Microduino

Founded in 2012, and based in Westlake Village, Calif., Microduino is an award-winning global designer, developer, manufacturer and seller of stackable electronic building blocks, related components, and in-class science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) learning systems which encourage and enhance inventors’ creativity, imagination, and ingenuity through project-based learning.

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