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Microduino Is Perfect for Makers of All Ages!

At Microduino, we ♥ makers!

If you're a maker at heart, and you relish the challenge, enjoyment, and excitement of tackling cool and distinctive do-it-yourself (DIY) technology-based projects, then Microduino is the company for you.

With its quarter-size form factor, exceptional flexibility, and stability, and patented secure, snap-together design, each Microduino building block is based on Arduino, the open-source electronics prototyping platform for creating interactive electronic objects. In addition, each building block has its own function, such as GPS, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth, to foster all sorts of creative ideas and interconnected projects. Simply by stacking together Microduino building blocks, modules, and sensors, a maker can design his own creation, such as a drone, robot, GPS tracker, 3D printer, or whatever his imagination dreams up. It's amazing how easily Microduino can turn one's idea into a reality, with nearly unlimited projects, applications and configurations to explore!

Need more project ideas? The Microduino IdeaLab is comprised of over 1,000,000 students, faculty members, makers, hobbyists, and designers interacting with each other and creating more than 1,000 Wiki pages of instructional how-to and guidance for completing over 500 projects and applications. In addition, the Microduino Idea Lab is your source for inspiration, and to see how fellow makers around the world are utilizing Microduino products and components to create incredible applications.

If you dream it, you can build it…with Microduino!

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About Microduino

Founded in 2012, and based in Westlake Village, Calif., Microduino is an award-winning global designer, developer, manufacturer and seller of stackable electronic building blocks, related components, and in-class science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) learning systems which encourage and enhance inventors’ creativity, imagination, and ingenuity through project-based learning.

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