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About Microduino

Microduino was started in 2012 by its four founders to resolve a problem when developing new technology based solutions. Out of that need came the foundation for Microduino’s core technology of small form factor, individual technology components in the world of Arduino processing. After developing its DIY line of solutions, which allows for solderless connection of it small DIY form factor modules, Microduino advanced to a second generation design which provides for quick connection and reusable modules that were named ‘mCookies’ due to their stack ability; like a stack of cookies.

Microduino mCookies modules are unique, easy-to-use electronic building blocks that utilize the easy to recognize LEGO form factor for quick assembly in an infinite number of configurations. The patented mCookie form factor is small as a coin, stackable with magnetic attracted connectors. The core module is the Arduino processor with other modules each module has its own function such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, amplifier, motor circuits, sensors, etc. Just by simply stacking the modules together, you can create your desired hardware stack and then code to create projects such as drones, robots, GPS trackers, and even 3D printers. It’s amazing how quickly and easily Microduino can turn your ideas into reality.

Microduino’s designs it products for both DIY/hobby Consumer and Education markets. Support for these markets include a dedicated and comprehensive website, Press, Marketing support, social media and attending major industry trade show events related to our market focus. Microduino’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) related products are now growing in popularity in around the world. Microduino’s mPuzzle, mPie and MIX educational kits bring a full range of STEM courses that provide an ever increasing levels of sophistication in electronic technology education including coding.

Microduino International is also working with schools and technology programs such as UCLA, University of Southern California (USC), Caltech and Georgia Institute of Technology to support the explosive growth in the community of users, hackathons, competitions and events.

Microduino see many great ideas that can enhance the way we live our everyday lives. As one example, Microduino worked with NOT Labs, created a new cap for a jar of Nescafe coffee. This cap would serve both as a cap for the coffee jar and as an alarm clock. You twist open the cap to turn off the alarm, and smell the fresh aroma of coffee. This design was made possible by the Microduino small form factor that would fit in the tight small of the cap and minimal effort to prototype to assemble and code.

Microduino also highlights and supports the more unique and socially beneficial projects such as the Microduino Smart Egg; developed in partnership with the International Centre for Birds of Prey in England. The Smart Egg is an artificial egg which contains a stack of Microduino technology. Once the egg is placed in the target nest, the egg collect data such as temperature, humidity, CO2, movement and light and transfer to the cloud wirelessly allowing monitoring all the data during the Vultures incubation.

International Awards

Microduino won the Creative China (DEMO CHINA) 2016 Grand Champion. TIME magazine listed Microduino the “5 Kits Can Teach Kids About Computers and Coding” and EE Journal featured Microduino in “The 5 Best Things from World Maker Faire 2015”. Microduino also received the Gold Award of IDEA 2016 which is the only Gold Award in children category. (The ‘Oscars’ of the design world). Microduino’s mCookie line is on permanent display at the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit Michigan. In 2017 Microduino won the Editor’s Choice 2017 at the Bay Area Maker Faire.

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About Microduino

Since 2012, Microduino is a leading electronic building blocks manufacturer and STEM/STEAM learning tools provider. We take great pride in our products and have created a community of makers, educators and electronic enthusiasts of all ages and skillset. As the world becomes more and more tech-driven, such knowledge will only become more valuable.

We invite you to join us and test the bounds of your creativity and ingenuity.

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