A new startup called Barefoot Networks is changing the worlds technology.

There is even a rumor that their ideas will shift just about the entire tech industry.

What are they building? They are building a new micro chip that will alter the inner workings of Facebook, Google and LinkedIn. The whole internet. It will force a response from hardware giants.

This new chip will sit inside networking switches, which are hardware devices that play a role in directing traffic across the Internet. Switches move data between the worlds computers operated by everyone from Google to Facebook and the Barefoot chip will change the world in a significant way. The big difference about what Barefoot is doing is that anyone will be able to program this chip.

In other words, they can write software that changes what this chip does, much like anyone can write an app that changes what an iPhone does. For major players like Google, that represents an unlimited opportunity.

Over a span of many years, online services grew so large with so many computers and so much data between them, Google and Facebook can’t really make things work without a new breed of networking hardware.

Mega giant companies need more control over how their networks are built. The chips that route data across the network are coded to particular protocols and tasks. Barefoot is changing that.

According to Barefoot, its chips are due to arrive later this year and are twice as fast as any other now on the market at a rate of 6.5 terabits per second. They’re designed so that a broader range of coders can program them. And companies like Google and LinkedIn have shown interest in Barefoot’s chips, with some actively participating in their development.

Indeed, this idea is far bigger than Barefoot. The language used to program these chips is called P4 and is open source. This means anyone can modify it or use it to build their own chips and  will be free to build and use hardware equipped with these chips.

Barefoot knows amazing things are going to happen with their P4 chips. It took the open source model as a way of accelerating their technology.

Barefoot will change the way so many businesses build their computer networks, trickling down to operations like Linkedin and Google.

But it will also change the worldwide hardware market. In the world of using Microduino, we know users can change the way things work by utilizing any of the Microduino mCookie kits. The possibilities are endless and things from music boxes, to robots can be built. When things are open to users using their imagination the possibilities are limitless. Knowing that you have the power to build something to make the world a better place is a powerful feeling and both Barefoot and Microduino know this.