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What’s mPie about?

The mPie kit includes 7 projects that teach your child something new about how electronics work together in a practical sense.  The instruction cards are easy to follow so you and your child can start building your projects, while have a fun and educational play time.

7 projects include:

To see the project set up cards click on the project name above.

mPie (ages 7+) is a transition state that moves from the basics of circuitry and hardware components of mPuzzle to initial concepts of coding that will be in the MIX 1-4 kits. Using mPie’s components, you discover ‘hardware coding.’ Hardware coding helps visualize the logical order of things in a physical way. The mPie lessons link concepts between physical and virtual. The projects in mPie increase in their complexity to form the basis that the sequence of things are vital and when not successfully ordered the start of problem identification and solving.

“I want to be an engineer when I grow up, a scientist, a climatologist…” all begin with an overarching understanding and internalized perception of what this means. Placing this vision in front of your child creates options in their mind and in their future self.

And let’s not forget social influences. Gamification is an excellent learning method and mPie provides brain-game challenges with interactive activities that culminate in the success of a functioning project. It all begins when a skill becomes real before the child’s eyes and they can envision themselves engaged with such purpose in the world. mPie initiates such thought process and discovery.

mPie includes intermediate-level, magnetic, snap-together modules that teach the next tier of circuitry concepts. Once kids have become familiar with the basics through mPuzzle, the mPie kit takes it up a notch within the same learning dynamic of cause and effect. Each project turns an everyday function into a dynamic understanding of energy, physics, and more–fueling one’s interest in how things really work.

How does mPie Work?

About Microduino

Since 2012, Microduino is a leading electronic building blocks manufacturer and STEM/STEAM learning tools provider. We take great pride in our products and have created a community of makers, educators and electronic enthusiasts of all ages and skillset. As the world becomes more and more tech-driven, such knowledge will only become more valuable.

We invite you to join us and test the bounds of your creativity and ingenuity.

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